Kangna Ranaut gets a tattoo on her breast

Kangna Ranaut gets a tattoo on her breast

Kangna Ranaut has got a new tattoo on the upper part of her breast for her upcoming movie ‘Tanu Weds Manu’. Kangna is playing the character of a bold and carefree  girl in this film who is forced by her parents to marry an NRI doctor.

Madhavan has played the character of the NRI doctor in the film. To show her boldness in the movie, Kangna has got this tattoo. Kangna has got a tattoo of word ‘Awasthi’ which is the name of her boyfriend in the film. In a scene of the movie, Kangna flaunts the boy who has come to see her for marriage by lowering her kurta and showing her cleavage which has this ‘Awasthi’ named tattoo.
In the beginning, Kangna was quite nervous with this scene but as a professional she completed this scene superbly. This tattoo is temporary and has been made with ‘henna’ on the upper portion of her breast. Thisfilm will get released on 25th February.

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